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Argus Environmental Ltd was founded in 1992. Today Argus has more than twenty staff in five offices throughout the UK and a bridgehead office in New York. Location and contact details for each of our offices can be found on the Contacts page.

The mission
To help you to feel comfortable, safe and in control, by providing you with accurate, qualified information before you need to use it.

The vision

  • To build sustainable growth and profit by providing a service that cannot be bettered
  • To maintain quality and environmental standards at the very highest level
  • To deliver more than customers originally expected

Client Services
You will receive a service of the highest quality, providing both field services, qualified data and sophisticated, intelligent, reporting from monitoring carried out at their landfill sites. Your data will usually be with you on the same day that your monitoring was carried out. Your specifications, and any changes you make during your contract, will be logged and programmed into an advanced monitoring system that never forgets what you have asked for. You will end up happy.

Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental Management System
Argus Environmental takes its commitment to quality, health & safety and environmental management very seriously. The business is registered to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 at all our office locations, and we are developing a Health and Safety Management system against the requirements of OHSAS 18001. We take an integrated approach to these systems which are central to our internal and client project management processes. Everyone in Argus receives general awareness training together with specific training on their particular roles and responsibilities.

Environmental Policy
Good environmental management is the central focus of our business activities. We extend this through our own operation and management, in order to reflect positively on our clients and staff.

Corporate Responsibility and Environmental Management
Through its Environmental Management System, which is registered to ISO 14001, Argus seeks to minimise its environmental impacts.


For general assistance and enquiries:

+44 (0) 1295 672979

+44 (0) 1295 672979

+44 (0) 1295 672979

+44 (0) 1295 672979

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